Modern Software House


  • Front-end

    Just forget about slow, not SEO-friendly websties. We do it professionally using newest technologies as Vue.js, Nuxt.js

  • Back-end

    We design and program various web services, from simple systems, CRMs to large platforms.

  • Automation

    We are specialists in process automation as web scraping, bots, reading public databases.

  • Optimization

    We will speed up your site with some magic tricks and improve SEO at the same time!

About Us

Since 2015 we operate comercially on the web, but our history with web and it's technologies was started long before. We specialize in automation processes in companies of our clients and making dedicated solutions, which we maintain over a long time. By following trends and technological progress, we deliver the best quality with adaptation to start-up budget and big companies.

We are trying to be the most professional and we can see by our clients opinions we are amazing at this.